Barkbox Review: February

This month my dog Sheba received her third Barkbox and it was by far her favorite one! If you’re unfamiliar with the monthly subscription box, here’s a quick breakdown for you:

  • The items in each box are hand-selected and chosen based on your dog’s size — small, medium, large (you make this selection when signing up)
  • There are 3 subscription options and 10% of your purchase goes to local animal shelters
    • $18/mo – 6 months
    • $23/mo – 3 months
    • $29/mo – 1 month
Now, on to the more important things.. like what kind of goods arrived this month..
Wet Noses Treats
Two packages of Wet Noses treats ($2.98) came in this month’s box – Carob & Mint and Dogranola flavored. 100% organic, these treats contain essential ingredients for maintaining good health in your pup (varying by flavor). Sheba especially loves the Carob & Mint flavored treats, which I’m very happy with – considering they include Vitamin A, B12 and C!
Aussie Naturals Dolphin Toy
This dolphin toy from Aussie Naturals ($9.99) is 100% natural and a toy that your dog will love to play fetch with. Filled with coconut-fiber and surrounded with a wool exterior, there are many smells and sounds (including a water bottle inside to make an extra crinkly noise) that will drive your dog crazy (in a good way)!
Get Naked Super Antioxidant Treats
These Super Antioxidant treats from Get Naked ($6.79) are perfect for this month’s box considering that February is National Pet Dental Health Month. These fruit and veggie flavored treats help to remove plaque, tartar and helps to get your dog’s dragon breath smell under control. Additionally, they’re low-fat and low-cal, which makes it a little easier to let them indulge in these!
Jolly Pets Monster Ball Toy
The winning product (according to Sheba) in this month’s box is the Monster Ball Toy ($8.97) from Jolly Pets. This rubber ball, designed to keep your furry friend busy during the day or during play time also helps to clean teeth and gums (again, perfect considering it being a big dental month for pets). Put a treat in the toy and your dog will be even more challenged. 

A $10 off your purchase at was also included. I haven’t shopped there before but doing an initial glance through the site, the prices seem really great! I’m sure I’ll be making a purchase soon.

I originally purchased a 3-month subscription as a trial period through Groupon but as this is my third month, I’m at the crossroads of whether or not to continue my subscription at the normal rates (listed above). I’m happy (and Sheba will be EXTRA happy) to announce that we already renewed our subscription for another 6 months. I can’t wait to see what’s in boxes to come!

Visit Barkbox’s social media sites as well (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) – they’re great with interacting with fellow dog-lovers. For $5 off your first month’s subscription, click here.