Movie Review: 21 and Over

If you liked The Hangover, chances are you will thoroughly enjoy 21 and Over. Swap out a bachelor party for a reunion amongst childhood friends and college rampages, and you’ve got the newest (and genuinely funniest) comedy this year.

Written by the writers
of The Hangover, Jon Lucas and Scott
Moore, this movie is a younger version of their original smash hit. Miles Teller
(of Footloose stardom) plays Miller,
a fast-talking, quick-witted kid who just wants to have a good time. His best
friend Casey, is played by the ever-handsome Skylar Astin (who you just swooned
over in Pitch Perfect). He is the
goody two-shoes of the bunch, always wanting to do the right thing. The two guys surprise their childhood friend Jeff
Chang on his 21st birthday (who is referred to as “Jeff Chang” the entire film like “Did we just
kill Jeff Chang?” and “Why does Jeff Chang have a gun?”) for a night of legal age fun. Jeff Chang is a straight A, seemingly straight-laced wannabe medical
student, played by Justin Chon (of the Twilight

And that’s where the
adventures start…

21 and Over is aggressive and vulgar in all the right ways. I found
myself laughing from start to finish and at some points even being on the edge
of my seat. Without giving away any spoilers, the boys encounter many obstacles
throughout their night of escapades. Expect car chases, sorority house
initiations, drinking games, guns, a bull and super kinky ending that results
in strategically placed tube socks.

I highly recommend this
movie. The boys in the film have great chemistry, especially Teller and Astin.
There is adventure, a timeline, romance, booze and friendship. What more could
you ask for? I give this movie an A+ and will go on record saying it is one of
the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. You can count me in to go see it
again opening weekend!

This film is out today!
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