Cause of the Month: Soles4Souls

“One shoe can change your life,” Cinderella said.

Nashville-based organization, Soles4Souls, is proving just that. They are saving the world one shoe at a time and need our help doing so.

It is estimated that 300 million people in the world lack a pair of shoes. When most of us can’t stop shopping to add another pair of heels or sneakers to our collection, millions are suffering worldwide to even get one pair of functioning shoes. Soles4Souls collects new and used pairs of shoes and send them out to those in need throughout America and aiding countries around the world.

The wonderful people behind this cause started rummaging through ideas of help after the 2004 Tsunami that destroyed Southeast Asia. Active since 2005, Soles4Souls have gotten shoes to over 19 million individuals around the world. And, not only has this organizations saved millions of feet around the globe, they’ve given jobs to people suffering in third world countries by supporting micro-enterprise programs.

Since the start of this incredible cause, many celebrities have discovered and helped out by sending in and donating their own pairs of shoes. People like Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Sarah Jessica Parker, The Kardashians, and Jessica Simpson are just a few who support the cause.

After researching this organization, I’ve decided that spring cleaning is coming earlier in my house this year. I plan on going through the pairs of shoes that sit and collect dust in my closet and send out to those who will truly appreciate them. We hope this convinces you to do the same. Make sure you spread the word to all your family and friends. Remember, one shoe can change someone’s life.

Want to know how you can help and/or donate to this cause? Visit and check out Soles4Souls website for all of these details and more.

You can follow the organization on Twitter at @Sole4Souls.