Essential Apps: March

If you’re in the market for some new apps, I’ve featured my top 3 must have apps for March below. If you download/use any of them, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been around for quite some time now. And despite the fact that it seems like we just hopped on board with the sites a year or two ago, our relationship with these sites are around the age of an elementary school kid. Let that sink in for a minute. Once you’ve accepted it’s been that long that you’ve been on social media, download the Timehop app. This free app allows you to link your various social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare)  and acts as a time capsule, showing you what happened x years ago – via your social media updates. This is my favorite of the apps I’ve recently stumbled upon. I’ve had a lot of OMG moments with photos and status’ popping up on here. You must download!

I’m absolutely obsessed with the Fancy app. Also free (to browse), this site has every awesome crazysexycool item you could possibly think up! An inspiration for many of the things featured on my Fun Findings Friday posts. If you’re a fan of the above-mentioned things, this app is for you! I’ve found myself browsing day and night on this app and have found many things to add to my wish list (as well as gift ideas). Another must have (especially on iPads)!

Subway Surfers
If you’re a commuter, this app is absolutely for you (just make sure your phone’s charged up). The Subway Surfers app is quite addicting and fun to compete against friends on. The background story on the game is that the main character (Jake) is a graffiti artist who gets caught working on his masterpiece by the train conductor (in case you’re wondering who the man chasing your character is). This free app has a lot of power-ups, boosts, and coin collecting. Additionally, if you link your game up with Facebook you can see where your FB friends rank against you in the game.