Spring Hair Color Trends

Spring doesn’t just bring Mother Nature a little change, it
gives us women an itch to shed that winter coat of darkness and bloom into a
brighter self. One of the biggest changes we love to do is to our hair. Because,
honestly, who wants the same ol’ boring look all the time? For those of you
looking for new color inspiration for the warmer days ahead, you’re in luck! I’ve
collected some of the hottest trends for hair color to experiment with this

Platinum Blonde
The brighter, the better for some this season. Platinum blonde is all the rage, whether it be a full dye or full set of bright highlights to your already blonde hair. Emma Stone is a prime example of the platinum blonde look done right.

Dark Blonde
Academy Award winning best actress Jennifer Lawrence is the most popular girl in Hollywood. Aside from all the other reasons we love J-Law, today we’re focusing on her golden locks. Her hues are a result of gradually letting her hair go back from her Katinss dark locks to her natural blonde color. But, in the midst, we love this in between phase. And the color we’re most likely to take to our hairstyle this season.

Jessica Chastain is a proud, natural redhead. And a beautiful one at that. Forget the stereotype, millions of non-redheads are running to the salon to match her color. There are many different shades of red to chose from, but Chastain’s hues are a great example of a lighter shade for Spring.

Auburn with Highlights
Before Miley Cyrus chopped off all her hair and dyed it platinum, she had gorgeous long locks. One of my favorite colors to do to my own hair, Cyrus had the perfect shade for all year long. Try dying your hair an auburn color and adding warm blonde highlights to brighten it up for Spring.

Reverse Ombre
For the longest time, Ombre was a hot trend for all hair colors. Don’t get me wrong, it still is, but the newest trend is the reverse ombre. Instead of the grown out look of dark to light, you flip it around. The lightest hue at the roots and slowly getting darker all the way down. Seen here illustrated by Jessica Simpson, this is a really cool look for Spring.

Dark with Warm Highlights
If you have naturally dark hair like Kourtney Kardashian, you may find it hard to keep a lighter color from fading quickly. Try running warm caramel colored highlights in your hair, which will give your locks a brighter effect without coloring your enitre head.

Jet Black
Although this is not a bright color, it’s seeing to be a hot trend for Spring. Kristen Stewart is one celeb to rock this look and show that even pale girls can have dark locks. This is fun and definitely something different if you normally have a lighter shade.