Fancy Box: March Review

I stumbled across Fancy a little over a month ago and since then, I’ve been completely obsessed with everything on their platform (i.e. app and website). If you’re not familiar with them, think of all of the fun things we post for Fun Findings Friday every week – basically random, awesome, really cool, fun stuff. Needless to say, when I found out there was a monthly subscription box to get said random, awesome, really cool, fun stuff – I hopped right on it.

A Fancy Box costs $39/mo. + $7.95 shipping – for a total of $46.95 and ach box is guaranteed to be worth $80+. When you subscribe to your box, you’ll be asked to select which categories you want items from: Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Pets, Home, Gadgets, Media, Sports & Outdoors, and Workspace and if you’re torn – don’t worry, you get to pick more than one.

For my first box (which came yesterday), I selected: Women’s, Home, and Gadgets and here’s a look at what I got:

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle
I was first introduced to fruit-infused water my freshman year of college and ever since, I’ve loved it. I’m probably most excited about this Citrus Zinger Water Bottle ($17) than anything else in my box. The instructions show simple direction of putting your fruit of choice at the bottom to add some “zing” to your water and even better, it’s in a portable bottle so you can take your delicious water with you when you’re away from home. Additionally, the Citrus Zinger Water Bottle is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. It’s safe to say I’ll be using this product quite a bit!

Broom Groomer Mini
I haven’t used it yet, but I’m seriously loving this Broom Groomer Mini from Quirky ($10). Easy to tote, this handy household accessory seems perfect for cleaning up small spaces – whether it be in the kitchen, office or car. The dustpan is also closed in at the bottom, making it easier for you to contain debris after sweeping it up, which isn’t always the case with bigger dustpan sets. I’ll definitely be using this!

Clocky Rolling Runaway Alarm Clock
If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you might remember that we featured this Clocky Rolling Runaway Alarm Clock ($45) on our Fun Findings some time ago, so I was pretty excited to find this gem in my Fancy Box. I was slightly disappointed to find a black Clocky after opening the box, but the front of the box does have a disclaimer that says color might not match the picture exactly. Still, I find this alarm clock intriguing since rather than parking right next to your bed, it rolls around your room and forces you to wake up.

Pilot & Captain Paris Tee
I was least excited about this Pilot & Captain Paris Tee ($32). Cool concept, but I’d never buy that shirt for myself – or anyone I know. That said, it is an incredibly soft shirt that would be great for pajama time.

Shoptiques Gift Card
The 5th item in my March Fancy Box was a $10 gift certificate to Shoptiques. I’m not familiar with the site but after receiving the $10 credit, I immediately went to check their site out and there seems to be a pretty big selection of items to choose from – supposedly from the world’s best boutiques. I’m glad The Fancy exposed me to this website full of unique fashionable items, but at the same time I wish I received an extra item instead. After all, the surprise items are what these box subscriptions are all about!

The box also came with cute information cards about each of the products and 2 Fancy-branded stickers. So, my final thoughts? I paid about $50 for the box (with no coupon) and the total retail value of the box was about $117. Not bad at all!

To subscribe to your own Fancy Box, click here and enter the code “25OFF5” at checkout to receive $25 off your first box!

*Keep in mind that orders placed between the 1st-15th will ship out on the 30th of the month and if you place your order the 16th of the month til’ the end, your box will ship on the 15th of the next month.