Old School Obsession: Dawson’s Creek

Dawson’s Creek. These two words make me happier than a lot of things in this world. Like, sadly happy. The 90’s teen drama was and will forever be my favorite show of all-time. It was my first real, mind-overtaking obsession. I loved it so much, it nearly ruined my life. Because my life wasn’t Dawson’s Creek. And I wasn’t Joey Potter. And I didn’t have a Pacey pining for my love and buying me walls, and sailing me off to sea for a summer, and remembering my deceased mothers bracelet.

Before there was Team Edward and Team Jacob, there was Team Dawson and Team Pacey. And, frankly, if you aren’t Team Pacey, you must have not been watching the show. Yes… Dawson and Joey are soul mates, narrated through the entire run of the series. But, as you find out in the series finale, soul mates doesn’t necessarily mean lovers. They’re best friends. They’re family. They love each other but they aren’t meant for each other. Pacey is the The One. And I whole-heartedly agree.

The show also became a running joke regarding the language used amongst the teens on the show, often talking like English professors with their SAT-like terminology. I was 12-years-old when I started watching Dawson’s, and I knew nothing different then the language they used. Honestly, I learned a lot of words from that show. And I now say “as per usual” a la Pacey Witter on a daily basis.

Dawson’s Creek ran for 6 years on The WB from 1998-2003. This was a very innovative show for a major network, especially amongst teens. It’s well-known that they were the first show to air a kiss between two guys on television, changing views on that political stand point forever. They also took the show to a more racy level openly discussing sex and even playing out a student/teacher sexual relationship. It didn’t end well. There were repercussions. We learned lessons.

I could go on for hours about this show. It holds a very special place in my heart. I still watch episodes all the time, and even referring back to some of those lessons learned while dealing with my real-life issues. Albeit, not as well-played out with intellectual dialogue like the creek kids did. Dawson’s Creek is one of the most popular shows running the rumor mill for a reunion. And s long as we can reminisce about Jen Linely (may she Rest In Peace), watch Dawson take off in his movie career, catch up with the lovable and oh-so-hot Jack and swoon over Joey and Pacey, I’ll be in total make believe heaven!

All the actors (ie, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams and James Van Der Beek) have proclaimed their supportive hearts towards a reunion… all agreeing to be a part of it. So, come on Warner Brothers! I’m talking to YOU Kevin Williams… Let’s make this happen!

Now let’s all go pop in our DVD’s (season 4 being my personal favorite), sit back and get the warm, happy feeling as soon as you hear Paula Cole sing those magical words “So open up your morning light…”

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