Fun Findings Friday #33

Canon Camera Lens Mug
I’m a huge fan of cups – mugs, glasses, tumblers, etc. In fact, I think I might have ONE set of matching drinkware in my kitchen. By choice. I just love unique fun things in my kitchen. This Canon Camera Lens Mug ($24-30) is my most recent obsession in drinkware – especially as pictured below with the heart. If you’re anything like me with drinkware obsession, this is something you’ll absolutely want to add to your miscellaneous collection. A great gift idea also for photographers!

Da Great Gatsby Book
Although I never read the original Great Gatsby book, I’m extremely intrigued by this one. Classics are great, yes, but give it a gangsta spin and you’re definitely on to something. From my understanding, the book keeps the same storyline as the original, but obviously switches words around to some modern slang (which you can see from the title). I’ll definitely be adding Da Great Gatsby ($11.95) to my reading list. And if you love gangsta things, you should too!

Massaging Bed Rest
I stumbled across this bed accessory a few days ago and have been SO close to ordering it ever since. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time out on my couch for reading, blogging, etc. since it’s much easier to access my drink, a light, and my computer/papers. But the bed is so much comfier to lounge in – am I right?! Well, I’m pretty sure this Massaging Bed Rest by Nap ($100) is the answer to all of my problems. With a built in light, drink holder, side pockets for books/papers/remote AND a back massager? I’d never leave my bed again!