BFF Status: Kristen Bell Edition

Actress Kristen Bell may be our ultimate (imaginary) best friend. Our BFF soulmate, if you will. The bubbly blonde has mastered television and movies, starring in hits such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Veronica Mars and lending her vocals as the vindictive voice of Gossip Girl. She now stars in the risque Showtime hit House of Lies. Basically anything Kristen does, I’d pay to see. She’s quirky, dorky and a total badass. Her love for animals turned her into a vegan since childhood, and ranks as the world’s cutest couple with her funnyman husband Dax Shepherd. The adorable star is now pregnant with their first baby, in which I’m sure will result in the world’s coolest kid. If you aren’t up to speed on Kristen, take a peek at some of her best quotes and interviews, resulting in this month’s BFF status.

Sloth Love
If you didn’t know who Kristen Bell was, you found out last year. While appearing on The Ellen Show, she recounted the moment Dax gave her the best gift of all: A sloth. This resulted in one of the biggest and most-watched YouTube videos of the year. You’ll cry from laughter, want to go grab lunch with her, and instantly become sloth obsessed. (PS: YouTube “baby sloth yawning”… You will swoon, your heart will melt, and you will thank me).

Craig Ferguson
This is a match made in comedy heaven. Kristen and Craig are total besties and we couldn’t be more envious. But, we’re also insanely grateful since we get to reap the benefits. Kristen has been on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson upwards of 20 times. The comedic banter and superb timing between the two makes me wonder why they’ve never done a movie together. I encourage you to watch all her interviews on his show… You will find yourself laughing at these two for hours and hours.

A Certified Geek
Kristen will be the first to admit she’s a total “geek”, albeit her meaning is a bit different than the average take on the word. “I’m a geek who loves fashion. There’s been a reinvention of the word. It means passionate that’s under-the-radar or frowned upon, like Comic-Con.” She’s a self-proclaimed Star Wars junkie and loves superheroes and comic books.

The Hunger Games Fanatic
While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she professed her love for the book-turned-movie franchise: The Hunger Games. If any of you follow her on twitter, you already knew about her fandom. But, she went into great detail during her interview with Kimmel. She spoke about her Hunger Games-themed birthday party (where she dressed up as Katniss) and even reading all three novels to her hubby. Umm, can we be best friends like right now?

(Skip to minute 7:50 to hear her start talking about The Hunger Games).

She’s a girls girl and a guys girl. She’s hilarious without trying, kind to animals, people and the environment (she’s big with charities like Invisible Children and CharityWater). She’s the friend you’d want to shop with and karaoke with (she’s a total Greased Lightning fan!). So, needless to say, if you don’t adore Kristen Bell, you probably have no soul.

And for your enjoyment, you can follow Kristen Bell on Twitter @IMKristenBell.