Barkbox Review: March

This month, Sheba received her fourth Barkbox and boy does she get excited when she sees her favorite package of the month come through the front door! If you’re not familiar with BarkBox, here’s a quick rundown of the monthly subscription box:

  • Items are hand-selected based on your dog’s size (small, medium, large)
  • Subscriptions range from $18-29/mo. based on your selection of a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription.
  • 10% of your purchase goes directly to supporting local animal shelters

This month’s box was curated by E. Jean Carroll, the advice columnist for Elle magazine so the info card was slightly different than usual. Rather than a simple description of the company and/or product, Dear E. Jean questions were included as if we were reading a real advice column – the Q&A of course being dog-related. I thought this was an awesome spin for March’s box. 

Harry Barker’s Hemp Bone
The first item in March’s BarkBox was a green hemp bone from Harry Barker ($12). Made of hypo-allergenic eco fiberfill and recycled plastic bottles, I can easily see this squeaky toy being a favorite for many dogs. Although it’s not Sheba’s favorite (it’s hard to replace the old and tattered Lamby she loves so much), this’ll definitely be a toy we pack for weekend trips!

Little Eatz Peanut Butter Cookies
This was the most interesting goodie in this month’s box. Why? Because Little Eatz Peanut Butter Cookies ($4) aren’t just for the pups – they’re also treats that us humans can eat. At first I was a bit skeptical to try them out… I mean, they are dog treats. But they aren’t bad at all (from a human perspective) and Sheba seemed to really enjoy them too! I read up on the ingredients Little Eatz uses in their treats and from the looks of it, my dog is absolutely eating better than I am – organic evaporated cane juice, unbleached wheat flour, whole grain oats, etc. Good stuff!

Lollycadoodle Wool Mouse
This Wool Mouse from Lollycadoodle is absolutely adorable! Although I couldn’t find this toy on Lollycadoodle’s website, similar “playmates” were $13, so that’s what I’ll average this one to be. Sheba was initially very interested in this toy (probably thinking it was a real mouse to chase), but quickly moved on once she caught a whiff of the treats packed in the box. So while Sheba started checking out the treats, someone else in our house claimed this little wool mouse.. the cat!

Despite that this is a box for dogs, I couldn’t resist including this priceless picture in my review. And I’m sure Lumen (our cat) didn’t mind getting a toy of her own! I found this toy (and brand) to be most unique considering all of their products are handmade of wool in Nepal. Additionally, they’re eco-friendly biodegradable toys – something that’s always refreshing to find in BarkBoxes!

Feel Good Trail Blazin’ Bitz Treats
These wheat, gluten and preservative-free Chicken Liver flavored Feel Good Treats ($10) are by no means peanut butter or bacon treats (the #1 favorite of dogs), but a treat is a treat and there are no complaints there (from the dog). Sheba will eat these treats but always lingers a little and looks at me as if to say but what about those other treats. I like those better. I consider these to be the vegetables of treats – that is, you’re not really crazy about them but eat them anyway because you know they’re good for you. She may not see it that way, but Mommy knows best!

Angie’s List Waste Bag Holder
At first I was thinking this was an actual company product – and then I realized it was a simple promotional item from Angie’s List (a review site not specific to pets). I was a little disappointed there weren’t any actual waste bags that came with the holder but since it’s a promo item and there are many waste bag/disposal stations around my neighborhood, it’s not a big deal. It might’ve been better if it was BarkBox-branded though.

March’s BarkBox also came with 3 coupons – (2) Buy two, get one free for Little Eatz and (1) $10 off at Pet360.

The overall value of this month’s box? $39 of products + another $10+ in coupons, totaling $49+. Great deal considering you’re paying $29 max for a month’s subcription (depending on which tier you choose). Not to mention the quality of products picked out for your furry child. I can’t say enough great things about BarkBox!

Keep tabs on BarkBox through their Facebook and Twitter. You’ll love their daily dog posts – they never fail to bring a smile to my face. To subscribe and receive $5 off your first BarkBox, click here. Enjoy!