A+ (Ashton Kutcher) Fancy Box: March Review

I posted about the original Fancy Box last month and expressed how much I loved it, which led me to ordering one of the Fancy boxes curated by celeb Ashton Kutcher – the A+ Fancy box (currently there are also Fancy boxes curated by Pink, Coco Rocha, Verbal, and the newest by Tyler Florence). Ashton’s a big techie person, as am I, which led me to ordering his box for $22 after the coupon ($41.95 regularly with shipping).

As in every Fancy Box, little info cards on the enclosed products are included, as well as 2 Fancy-branded stickers. I really enjoy the info cards but it’d be cool if there was a brief snippet on why the celeb chose the products included – do they use them, think they’re cool, what?

Fred & Friends Winestein
I’m a huge fan of the Fred & Friends brand – they truly have the most random, fun products and I would  LOVE to sit in on a product brainstorm meeting of theirs! The Winestein Mug ($15) seems like a great product for those who love both beer and wine (which hey, that’s me).

Pilot & Captain Tokyo Shirt
I really love how incredibly soft and comfortable the Pilot & Captain tees are. But wasn’t happy to find this Tokyo shirt ($32) in my box mainly because  I received the exact same shirt (but Paris) in the original Fancy Box earlier this month and didn’t think there would be duplicate items across boxes (especially in the same month).

C.I.A. Manual of Trickery and Deception Book
This was hands down my favorite item in the March A+ Fancy Box. The Official C.I.A. Manual of Trickery and Deception: Declassified ($11). The whole classified becoming declassified concept is interesting to me and I think it’s pretty cool to be able to read these stories. This particular book goes back to the Cold War era.

Big Ass Brick of Soap
I felt a bit gipped after discovering 2 boxes of Duke Cannon Supply Co.’s “Big Ass Brick of Soap” ($12) in my box – kind of taking the easy way out of filling the box, don’t you think? Additionally, the description on the soap packaging reads – “Designed to meet the standards of hard working men.” Stop right there – I’m not a man. And 2 of them!? The soap smells good but like I said – not a man, therefore won’t be using either of these boxes.

The A+ Fancy Box promises to include $80+ in items and from my calculations, this month’s box retailed at $70. Considering you spend at least $42 on the box – $22 if you use a coupon, it’s worth the money. However, it seems like this box didn’t fully live up to the $80+ promise.

Unlike the original Fancy Box where you select product categories, the celebs choose the items placed in the boxes – so you’re in for a complete surprise. I checked out reviews of the first box before ordering and loved it! But this month’s box (the second released) was a huge miss for me.

I renewed my subscription for the original Fancy Box for April and am still awaiting the arrival of my Pink Fancy Box. Haven’t made up my mind yet on whether or not I’ll give Ashton’s box one more try. Do you subscribe to Ashton’s A+ Fancy Box or are you thinking about it? I’d love to hear from you!

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