Album Review: The Band Perry

It’s hard to believe that the country music brother-sister-trio The Band Perry has only two albums under their belt. It seems they’ve been around a lot longer with their handful of hits and memorable charm. Their sophomore album “Pioneer” was released on Tuesday and has already delivered two hits from it… with much more to come!

Death seems to be a theme (and a surprisingly good one) for the band. Their kick-off single “If I Die Young” became an enormous success, selling four million copies. Now in their second album, the first single “Better Dig Two” is at the top of the charts.

The band has always had an addictive sound. Their lyrics are a refreshing blend of vengeance and innocence, and when matched with Kimberly Perry’s smoky voice, the music is undeniable. What I love about the young trio is the need to keep it southern. Banjos and other various string instruments play in the background of nearly every song to root their music and sound into the country genre. Many newer country musicians have a very poppy feel to the music, taking away the twang that separated country music from all the rest.

Ever since their burst into country music a few years back, they have been one of my absolute favorites. I had been anxiously awaiting this new album for a while now and I’m happy to say it’s even better than what I expected! “Pioneer” has everything we love about Perry: Heartbreak, revenge, sass and spunk. But, there is more. The album title track is an inspiring message lending from the story of American settlers with added folk sounds to emphasis the past time. There is a beautiful tribute to the bands mother in the song “Mother Like Mine”, expressing the strength and encouragement only a mother can convey.

“Done.” is arguably my favorite on the album, playing up the “kiss my ass” theme, even chanting “All I want to be is done!” “Chainsaw”, “Back To Me Without You” and End of Time” are other perfectly crafted goodbye songs that only Perry can sing so well.

The Band Perry have been touring with Brad Paisley for the better half of their stardom, gaining a friendship, and now a penship with the country crooner. Paisley helped write “Forever Mine Nevermind” with the band, electrifying with Paisley’s famous guitar sounds in the background.

I totally recommend this album for all country lovers, especially if you are already a fan of the group. Expect an album of emotion, energy, lots of sass and a great balance of rock anthems and country ballads. This is no “second album slump”. This will just continue to sky-rocket the band into fame.

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    I love them too!