Bulu Box: April Review

In my search for health-related subscription boxes, I came across Bulu Box, a monthly box which includes 4-5 samples of health products such as vitamins, energy boosters, and supplements for weight loss, sleep, digestion, etc. for $10 each month.

After first sifting through the products in the box, I opened up the info card to read up on the products included and what exactly they do. In the sample box sent to me, I received 5 products – all of which were new to me.

FRS Healthy Energy Chews
These pineapple mango-flavored FRS Healthy Energy Chews ($15) taste amazing in the first bite.. until the healthy aftertaste kicks in. I’m not quite sure what the strong ingredient is that gives off the not-so-great taste in these, but if you can get past it, these energy chews are a great source of a number of vitamins and quercetin (an all-natural anti-oxidant) that will help keep your immune system up.

Perky Jerky
I’ve eaten beef jerky so I was semi-familiar with what Turkey Perky Jerky ($3) is all about. This all-natural protein snack does include a unique ingredient – guarana. I haven’t heard of it, so naturally I pulled up a new tab in Google to read up on it (it’s a plant in the maple family). You can definitely taste the additional flavoring in there, which gave the jerky a unique kick.

CocoaWell True Energy
I didn’t test this product out myself, but my boyfriend, Ted, gave these organic energy capsules a try and did feel a burst of energy after taking them. I’m not quite sure how these compare to drinking an energy drink since I don’t ever drink them myself, but this seems like a great alternative to them. The ingredients used in CocoaWell True Energy ($1) are natural herbs – much better than other high-cal/sugar products.

Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant
This was the most interesting product in the box to me. Not because it was deodorant in a health box – well, maybe – but because it was deodorant in towelette form. Although there are a few different scent options you can choose of Crystal Essence’s deoderant (50c), I received the Lavender & White Tea scent, which I really liked. Their mineral deodorant also comes in “normal” forms such as stick or roll-on. I do think the towelette idea is great for long days outside (e.g. spending the day at a theme park, concert, etc.), as these would be great to tote around.

I wasn’t too excited about this product. It’s a metabolism booster/weight loss helper (which I DO like), but using drinks as meals isn’t really my cup of tea. A pamphlet on Almased ($3.25) was included along with the samples and explained how the diet works along with a couple customer testimonials. If you’re willing to try the diet, you can supposedly lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks – but it seems like a tough diet to be on for 2 weeks straight – at least the first week when you’re restricted to drinking the Almased during all 3 meals the first week. 

The retail value of April’s Bulu Box was $22.75 – well worth the $10 subscription. I can see why people would really enjoy receiving this. Similar to the many other subscription boxes, you’re introduced to a ton of brands/products you probably never would’ve discovered otherwise. If you’re into health and nutrition, you should subscribe to this box as it works out to be a great value.

Keep in mind that if you’re not feeling the box after receiving your first one, you’re free to cancel at any time. Additionally, if you subscribe for a whole year (12 months), you’ll receive one month free – and no matter which subscription you choose (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.), shipping is always free!

For more info on Bulu Box, visit their website or connect with them via Facebook and/or Twitter.