Best Products for Your Workspace

Ok, I kind of geek out when it comes to this stuff but I’ve always loved my office supplies, even as a kid. Whether it comes to my desk at home or at work, I think it’s extremely important to have a fun space and not the boring “standard” office supplies. Take a look at 5 of my must-have accessories to spice up your workspace:

Clutch Purse Post-it Dispenser
Post-its are essential for a workspace. They’re a great way to keep yourself organized and take quick notes. Couple the post-its with a fun dispenser accessory and voila and you get one of the coolest desk accessories ever – especially when the dispenser is shaped like a purse! I can’t wait to get my hands on this Clutch Purse Post-it Dispenser ($10)!

Internet Address & Password Logbook
How many times have you locked yourself out of an online account or had to reset the password because you couldn’t remember? I’m raising both hands. There are so many password requirements to keep up with – letters, numbers, symbols, every site’s different. This Internet Address & Password Logbook ($8) is perfect to keep handy at your workspace – or even easy to throw in your bag and tote around between the office and home.

Anything With Sprinkles Doodad Jar
I discovered Curly Girl Design last year and have been obsessed ever since. The sayings and products  are perfect! This Anything With Sprinkles Doodad Jar ($10) is an absolute must-have for storing candies or other treats when you’re feeling stressed, hungry, or just like you need a little boost of energy. I especially like this saying – couldn’t be more true!

This Is Your World Mug
Whether your weapon is coffee or tea – or both, a mug is essential. And one with an inspirational quote? Even better. The This Is Your World Mug ($11) features the famous quote from Gary Lew – “This is your world. Shape it or someone else will. Brilliance.

iCrado Pro for iPhone 5
When you’re sitting at your computer working, it’s easy to miss calls or messages sent to your phone when you’re in the zone with a project. The iCrado Pro ($30) is the perfect accessory for iPhone owners, allowing you to prop your phone up so you don’t miss anything important while simultaneously charging your device.