My Cotton Bunny: April Review

There really is a subscription box for everything – including one for that time of the month. Not only does this box save you a trip to the store to pick up your weekly supply of pads and/or tampons, but it also provides some much-needed chocolate and another surprise gift in each box. For $13.75/month, the My Cotton Bunny BFF Bundle (box) will help to boost your mood during the roughest week of the month.

The MCB team sent April’s BFF Bundle for us to review and share with you, our lovely readers. Check out the contents of the box below.

U By Kotex
The most important items during your TOM (time of the month) are your pads and/or tampons. In this case, My Cotton Bunny provided a box of 18 U by Kotex Tamptons ($5). Upon registering, you can choose pads or tampons and then which brand you prefer.

This could also be argued as the most important item during TOM. In this month’s box, 2 gourmet chocolates were included. The first, Sanders Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pattie (50c) is similar to a York peppermint pattie. And the second, Mom’s Originals Gourmet Pretzel ($1) brings together one of the greatest chocolate pairings – chocolate and pretzel. YUM. I devoured these about 10 seconds after opening the box.

Earthlux Lip Balm
I love my lip balm so I was really excited to find a new kind in this box. I hadn’t heard of Earthlux previously, but checked their website out after receiving an info card on their product line and am loving all of their natural products. Earthlux’s Lip Balm ($3) is made of organic beeswax and pure essential oils and I especially love this at bedtime since the smell is very relaxing (think of the spa scents).

Friendship Bracelets
There wasn’t a brand tied to these 5 bracelets ($5?) but I think this was a great final touch on April’s box. I’m sure the rest of you are on the same page as me. Your week is the week you feel blah and just want to spoil yourself. This is easier to manage than clothes (since you feel bloated with everything) and it never hurts to expand your jewelry collection – especially with fun colors for the summer season!
The box retails to about $14.50 (maybe a few bucks more depending how much the tampons are near you) and you pay about $14/month for the box. A fair price – especially considering the contents of the box. I’m a big fan of subscription boxes (if you couldn’t tell) and I love all of the fun surprises that are delivered to my doorstep each month. However, when it comes to your period week, getting a box delivered with all of your supplies, chocolates, AND a couple other surprises? Brilliant!

For more information, visit the My Cotton Bunny website or connect with them via Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.