Pink Fancy Box: April Review

Pink is one of my favorite artists. She’s just awesome. Everything from her catchy songs to her badass attitude. So obviously when I discovered she was coming out with her own Fancy Box, I had to place my order. It seems like Fancy also listened to its customers, as a little blurb about why Pink chose each of the items in the box was included on the product note cards.

Similar to the other Fancy boxes, the Pink Fancy Box costs $39 + $7.95 shipping for a total of $41.95). If you’re fortunate enough to place your order at a time Fancy’s running a $25 off coupon (which has been recently), your total’s brought down to $21.95 for the box – which is well worth it!

3D Dino Cookie Cutters
I was SO excited to find this Triceratops Cookie Cutter ($14) in Pink’s Fancy Box. Ever since discovering the 3D cookie concept (and of course fancy-ing it), I’ve been debating purchasing a set of 3D cookie cutters to spice up my cookies. I can’t wait to try this out!

Color Me Good – Hip Hop Coloring Book
I do enjoy my rap and hip-hop music from time to time, so I got a kick out of the Color Me Good Hip Hop Coloring Book ($11) Pink chose to include in April’s box. That said, I’m not a fan of every artist included and as much as I love a little gangsta-ness, I prefer my coloring books to be on the softer side (i.e. kids coloring books).

F the Rain Umbrella
The concept of this products is awesome, especially when you’re stuck outside in the rain. However, considering what the The F the Rain Umbrella ($34) has on it (see the small picture to the right), this isn’t something you’d easily be able to carry around in public without offending people or a little kid seeing.

Wear Your Music Bracelet
This was my favorite item in the box and I’ve legitimately been wearing it every day since opening my box. This Black Bass String Bracelet ($15) comes from Wear Your Music, a company that creates jewelry out of recycled items, including guitar strings. Although I don’t play an instrument myself (I tried guitar about 10 years ago and it didn’t work out too well), I love music, and really dig this.

In addition to the items pictured above, Fancy also sent a $25 off coupon code to apologize for the delay in the arrival of Pink’s Fancy Box (it was in such high demand). That said, the coupon fine print indicated that the coupon code would expire at 11:59 p.m. EST last night and I tried to make a purchase using it around 9 p.m. and was hit with a “this coupon has expired” message. Hmm.

The box retailed out to $74 ($99 if the coupon code was functional). I only paid $22 after coupon – my favorite way to purchase Fancy boxes because you always get your money’s worth that way! I still haven’t decided if I’m going to purchase next month’s Pink Fancy Box or not. Love her but I’m thinking I might try one of the other celeb-curated boxes next – there’s so many awesome ones it’s hard to keep up! What do you think of the Fancy boxes?

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