Birchbox: April Review

My birthday was last month and (as all of you) I’ve been obsessing over Rachel’s subscription box obsession. So, she decided to gift me a 3-month subscription to Birchbox for their highly reviewed beauty products. Just a few days ago my first box came in the mail. I was a bit underwhelmed by the products, but did have a few gems inside. Take a peek inside with me:

Benefit Benetint Lip Gloss
This burlesque inspired gloss color is absolutely gorgeous. With Benefit being on of my favorite makeup brands, I was excited about this. I am not a huge fan of gloss, but I do like this one. The color stays for a longer time than you’d expect, and you can even use it on your cheeks for stain-looking blush. (Full size price – $29)

Couture La La – Juicy Couture Fragrance
Juicy Couture is known for having some great perfumes for women. I personally have never purchased one but have smelled during one of my many perfume shopping runs. Couture La La was not my favorite scent that I have smelled from them but it definitely didn’t turn me off. The scent is a mixture of mandarin, red currant, lily and orange blossom – giving the fragrance a soft and fruity scent. (Full size price – $19-90)

Skin & Co. Roma Sicilian Body Gel
This antioxidant shower gel is smooth and silky, but the scent was horrible. I was so disappointed when I put my nose up to the opening to get a wiff. Although I was not a fan of this particular scent, I’d definitely try it in a more friendly scent. (Full size price – $17.50)

Whilsh Shave Crave Shaving Cream
The shea butter textured shave cream was foam free that was supposed to give an extra close shave. I did not notice a difference between this cream and the $3 one I buy from Target. But I did enjoy the nice blueberry scent. (Full size price – $20)

Floral Nail File
This was probably my favorite gift in the box, as I am a nail file collector. This was no different than any other nail file but the floral pattern is adorable and totally in style for this season! ($5)

All together I wasn’t in love with this box, and wouldn’t spend any money purchasing these items from the store. But, from what I’ve seen from Birchbox, there are a lot of great products they have used in the past. Here’s to hoping my May box pleases me a little more!

If you liked any of the products mentioned here you can a monthly Birchbox for $10 (plus tax) here.

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