Coolest Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter has been getting a lot of attention in recent months – especially with the Pebble Watch (a watch that syncs up with your smartphone) and the Veronica Mars movie project starring Kristen Bell. If you’re not familiar with the site/concept, here’s a quick breakdown – Whether you have an idea or are interested in the ideas of others’, this platform allows you to get funding to implement your idea or “back” projects and receive the actual product (or purchased option) you’re backing once it’s been finalized. With just about every category you can imagine (i.e. photography, technology, music, movies, etc.), there are so many awesome ideas people are coming up with – and actually making them possible through this site!

Although I haven’t actually gone through with backing a project just yet, I’ve been monitoring the site for a while now and think I’m going to bite the bullet soon and give my support to some of the brilliant ideas of others (and maybe search for some inspiration of my own)! Take a look at 3 of the coolest projects going on right now:

Wish I Was Here Movie
It’s been awhile since Zach Braff’s Garden State, but today, he announced his plans to film a sequel via a Kickstarter project after seeing the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project. I’m really digging this route Hollywood’s decided to take with films. Us fans love being able to be a piece of the movie, whether it’s something as simple as receiving a t-shirt, movie script or getting the opportunity to visit the set and/or attend an advanced screening. The Wish I Was Here Kickstarter project is already halfway to it’s goal of $2 million and there’s still plenty of time to hop on the movie’s bandwagon before  it goes into production this August. Here’s to hoping a Love Actually sequel will be popping up on the site sometime soon!

Photo from Kickstarter project page

Caddy for the Modernist
I’ve been looking like something like this Caddy for the Modernist for a few months now. Although I do wish the iPhone holder had charging capabilities, I like that you can throw in things you don’t want to forget (if this is somewhere along your way out the door), or at your desk where you can place a few important office supplies. I also like that this product is made of bamboo rather than the typical plastic or aluminum make up.

Photo from Kickstarter project page

Mustache Playing Cards
Mustache’s are the BEST, and this Mustache Playing Cards Kickstarter project is just another reminder of that. This unique deck of cards puts a spin on the traditional decks, adding different types of mustaches to the hearts, cloves, diamonds and spades. I haven’t been playing cards often the past few years but I’m thinking that would all change if I got my hands on this nifty deck o’ cards!

Photo from Kickstarter project page

To explore Kickstarter at your own pace, check out their website (and good luck navigating)!