BarkBox Review: April

It’s Sheba (my dog’s) favorite time of month – BarkBox delivery time! I really liked the mix of products in this month’s box. Although the items selected are usually amazing, I  feel like there’s an influx of one thing or another. The diversity for April’s box was perfect though, keep it up BarkBox!

For those of you new to BarkBox, this is a monthly subscription box for dogs, and in my opinion, well worth the monthly splurge! Ranging from $18-$29 depending on how long you subscribe for, you’ll receive 5-6 toys/treats/other dog-related goodies via USPS and your dog will forever love you (even more). One of the things I also love about the company is that they donate a portion of the money received from subscriptions to a local dog charity!

Let’s take a look at April’s box…

Etta Says! Duck Treats
The first thing I noticed upon opening April’s BarkBox were the Etta Says! Duck treats ($11). Another great product picked out by the team, these treats are great for your dog’s skin and coat and are super healthy – no grain, gluten, etc. Sheba loves these, and as reading the ingredients of my dog’s treats (supplied by BarkBox), I’m reminded that my dog eats healthier than I do!

I don’t normally give my dog a bath myself – normally I bring her in to the groomer. But there are times when she does need some kind of wipe down (especially after running around outside). GroomMitt ($8) is a product from Aussie Naturals and is awesome. Think of a wet wipe – but in mitt/glove form where you could wipe something down. This all-natural mitt cleans your dog up and has a great smell, almost like they just received a bath.

Barkworthies Bone
I’m pretty sure I’ve commented on the bones before and I’ll do so again. THEY’RE GREAT. I usually buy a pack of Pedigree Jumbones and will give Sheba one a few days a week to keep her entertained while I work to support her BarkBox addiction :) This Barkworthies bone ($6) is a healthy alternative for snacking throughout the day. Dogs need to eat better too!

Nuts for Knots Rope
Sheba’s pretty picky about her toys. But this tug-o-war type toy was right up her alley! The Nuts for Knots Rope ($5) is kind of like an all-in-one toy. Whether your pup’s in the mood to fetch, chew, or try to pull away from you, they’re probably going to love it.

Licks Liquid Vitamin
Despite the fact that we (humans) consume vitamins all the time, I’ve never really been familiar with dogs taking them. 2 sample packages of Licks Liquid Vitamin Drink Supplement ($3). In line with BarkBox protocol, they’re 100% natural and really great for your dog’s health. The BarkBox team also threw in a 20% off coupon to use on Lick’s website.

April’s box retailed out to $33 – a great deal since you’re spending as little as $18 or as much as $29. To read my reviews of Sheba’s previous BarkBoxes click here, and to receive $5 off your first BarkBox subscription, use my referral link.