Fun Findings Friday #38

iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard:
For some reason, both the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 accessory options have been scarce since their respective releases last year. I’ve been looking for the perfect travel accessory for my iPad mini to make traveling and attending conferences much easier (laptops are great but aren’t as easy to tote around). On a recent trip to Brookstone, I found this iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard ($80) and will definitely be purchasing one as soon as I can decide on the color! The case and keyboard are magnetic and the keyboard is removable which is great.

Photo taken from Brookstone’s website

F*ck I’m in My Twenties Book:
Although this isn’t your typical novel (couldn’t you tell from the title), F*ck I’m in My Twenties ($9) is a book filled with hilarious-but-true illustrations about life in your twenties. Based on blogger Emma Koenig’s Tumblr, I’m thinking about purchasing this just for reference when a laugh is needed. Plus, if you’re feeling like you’re the only one in the world going through something (similar to the angst-y teen days), this will show you that’s not the case. Love it!

The Bling Ring Trailer:
Since Emma Watson came on the Hollywood scene years ago, I’ve been a huge fans of hers. And despite that it’s still a little weird to see her in her newer roles (she’ll always be Hermione to me), she’s killing them. Based on true events, this movie shows the story of a group of Hollywood-obsessed friends who rob celeb homes. Can’t wait to see this in June!