Doteable: April Review

I received my first duffel from Doteable this month – a fun monthly care package subscription “box” filled with essentials for the college life. Despite the fact that I’m no longer a college student, I think Doteable also serves as a great subscription for post-grads who’re trying to make it in the “real world.”

Doteable subscriptions are available in two simple options – guys or gals. For the first month, pay only $30 and every month after, $45. A few standard items will be included each month such as: underwear,   a razor and clothing accessories, but the rest of the items will be a surprise and will go along with the chosen theme of the month. This month’s theme (for the girl’s duffel) was “set sail,” as summer’s just around the corner.

Aviator Sunglasses & Woven Sailing Bracelet
Arguably the most important summer accessory is a pair of sunglasses – and what better kind than aviators ($10)? To go along with the theme, a woven sailing bracelet ($8) in April’s duffel. Although it’s not something I’d wear on a daily basis, I think it’s a great accessory to wear when you’re sailing around on a boat or heading to a beach.
Marich Chocolates & Trident
I was introduced to the Marich chocolate brand from another April subscription box and was so excited to find them included in Doteable as well. Chocolate is a necessity for every girl and espresso flavored ($2.50)?! Done deal. A pack of Trident gum ($1) was also included. Perfect for post-chocolates and when you’re going about your day. 

Aerie Underwear, Razor & Infinity Scarf
As promised in every box, Doteable included a Gillette razor ($3) and a pair of underwear – this month bikini-cut from Aerie ($7.50). You might be thinking, greaaaat underwear and a razor just what I wanted. But think about it, you use both daily! Not to mention, receiving the products from Doteable saves you a trip to the store and spending your own money. Another big fashion accessory included, was Doteable’s lightweight infinity scarf ($8). I’m not usually a scarf person, but I think I’m going to give this one a try!

Stila Lipgloss

Every girl needs some kind of lip balm to carry around with her. The inclusion of Stila’s popular lip glaze ($4) was great for April’s duffel. Definitely something easy to throw in your bag when heading to the beach or when you’re going to lay out somewhere on campus.

With April typically being a rainy month (April showers bring May flowers), Doteable included a navy blue umbrella ($6). This is the perfect size to throw in your tote or purse when running across campus – or anywhere really, when caught in the rain. 

This fun monthly subscription box retailed out to $50 for April’s duffel (I wasn’t able to pinpoint the majority of the items included in April’s Doteable box, so my retail-value is a best-guess), slightly over the $45/month subscription price. 
As a recent college grad, I can tell you, care packages are the BEST, especially when you don’t know what’s coming in them. I also really like how Doteable also includes some tips on the info card relevant to the time in the semester (e.g. this month tips on preparing for finals were included). I definitely recommend getting this for the college student/recent grad in your life. If the price is a little out of your range to keep up with every month, I suggest purchasing at the beginning of the school year and around finals time – the most important time a little TLC is needed!
For 10% off your first 3 months of Doteable, use coupon code: CITYLIGHTS10 (not applicable to gift subscriptions, expires May 31). 
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