Fun Findings Friday #41

Fondue Mug:
I’m dying to get my hands on this set of Fondue Mugs ($15) from Walter Drake. With an opening for tea lights at the bottom of the mug, this set includes two mugs and four dipping forks, perfect for cheese, chocolate or whatever other kind of fondue you prefer. This is also a much simpler set up (and more importantly, clean up) for fondue.

Photo from Walter Drake website

The Worst Room Tumblr:
I have a new obsession in the form of a tumblr. The Worst Room Tumblr to be exact. When I graduated from college a year and a half ago, I was entertaining the idea of living the dream life in New York City. However, the dream life only works in NYC if you’re a millionaire. This tumblr proves that, showing the most ridiculous (worst) rooms advertised on Craigslist via both room size and pricing. I do get a kick out of seeing the rooms listed and then sit back and enjoy my much more spacious living space in Tampa!

LifeProof iPhone Case:
I’m often asked numerous questions related to the iPhone. One of the biggest? Which cases are the best? To me, the cute ones. My cases have to have the perfect design. But for others, dropping the phone on concrete, in water, etc. happens regularly and I’ve heard horror stories of people losing the latest version of the iPhone to instances like that (I had this experience once during the height of the BlackBerry era). This LifeProof iPhone case ($80) is said to be water, dirt, snow, and shock proof. If you’re someone prone to disaster happening to your beloved technology, this is one case you’ll probably want to splurge on.

Photo from LifeProof website