BarkBox Review: May

May’s BarkBox arrived a couple days ago and Sheba was eager to get into her box the second it arrived. And once I broke the seal on it, she was even more excited to stick her nose in the box to check out what kind of goodies she had received.

Sheba patiently waiting for the box to be opened

BarkBox is one of my favorite monthly subscription boxes – even though it isn’t for me. Each month, the BB crew pulls together 5-6 hand picked items for my medium-sized pup, all healthy and fun whether they be treats or toys. Although my Groupon and referrals ran out this month, I decided to splurge for an additional 6-month subscription just because she loves the goodies in each box so much. 

… Couldn’t contain herself once it was opened

Although this month’s box looked a lot lighter (content-wise), this was actually one of the top two boxes we’ve received so far. Read on to learn more about the products in May’s BarkBox.

Bocce’s Bakery Green Juice
Products from Bocce’s Bakery are fairly common in BarkBoxes and I love it! Their newest recipe, Green Juice ($9.50) doesn’t sound (or look) all that appetizing, but the breath-freshening super healthy treats made up of spinach, kale, apples (and more) are amazing for your dog’s health – and also a great treat they’ll love!

Grill-icious All Natural Beef Treats
First off, I’m in love with Loving Pets mascot on this bag of treats. Second, Sheba is addicted to these Grill-icious All Natural Beef Treats ($8). Made of all-natural beef and sweet potato, this gluten-free treat is another great treat option for your dog’s health. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – thanks to BarkBox by dog eats healthier than I do!

Barkworthies Chews
The Barkworthies brand is another one I see often in BarkBoxes – and always treats that Sheba enjoys. I particularly like the two chews included in this month’s box (Natural Treat Stick Original – $1.50 and Odor Free Bully Stick – $3) because I like to spice up the goodies I leave Sheba when I head off to work. I know they never last long, but I think she appreciates one big treat to gnaw on vs. lots of small ones.

Planet Dog Strawberry Toy
I don’t even know where to begin with this Planet Dog Strawberry Toy ($10.50) and the amounts of joy it’s brought to Sheba these past couple days (and myself for watching her run around with it). A lot of times Sheba will play with a toy for a little while and then get bored with it. I can safely say that this mint-smelling produce toy has skyrocketed to the #1 spot in her favorite toys. She carries it with her everywhere she goes – and even tried to bring it out on our walk yesterday (which was a first for her). This toy also holds small treats which makes for a great challenge for your pup to get out.

This month’s box retailed out to $32.50. Another great value for the amount paid for the subscription ($19-29/mo. depending on your subscription length) vs. going out and either buying these items individually or stumbling across the brands on your own. Not to mention this box was particularly worth it for me, as Sheba gained a new favorite toy.

I highly recommend subscribing to BarkBox, even if you just start out with a one-month trial subscription. If you’re still unsure, check out my previous BarkBox reviews to get a feel for what other types of products you may receive. For $5 off your first subscription, please use my referral link.

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