The Hangover: Part III Review

The wolfpack is back!

Although The Hangover
Part II
 was basically a mirrored version of the first hit, only changing its
setting, The Hangover Part III was
vastly different then the past two hits. There was no hangover. No drinking. No
drug slips. No Tiger. No Monkey. No pictures found on a camera. No Mike Tyson…
Basically everything that made the franchise a hit. But, they were on a hunt.

In the final installment of the trilogy, Mr. Chow (Ken
Jeong) was the centric character in the story. Although we all love Leslie
Chow, making him the main character somehow made him less funny. He was much
better as a supporting role, popping in and out of scenes with hilarious
one-liners. Mr. Chow was overdone in this one, making some of the comedy fall
flat on its face.

The story takes the wolfpack, Phil (the insanely handsome
Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Doug (Justin Bartha) and Alan (Zach
Galifianaskis) on a roadtrip to take Alan to a rehab facility in Arizona. On
their way they are stopped by a crime boss (John Goodman) with the task to
track down Chow and the $21 million in gold he stole from him. They capture
Doug, who will be killed if Chow is not found. Let the mayhem begin!

What I loved throughout the film was the small references
and innuendos from the previous movies. We all loved the joke about Stu getting
checked for an STD, you know, since he had something inserted in him. The gang
ended up back in Vegas, highlighting some memories from the first (and best)
film. They had their correct positions in an elevator scene. Baby Carlos (aka: Tyler) who is now the cutest five-year-old you’ve ever seen returned. And the return of “Black Doug”! They also gave us an ending full of nostalgia,
and will admit, made me tear up.


The Hangover Part III
was not as raunchy, not as vulgar and not as laugh-out-loud funny as we love
our Hangover movies to be. But, it
definitely had its great moments. All-in-all I wouldn’t say this movie is bad.
Linking it to the previous Hangover
films (especially the first one) makes it look worse, but as a stand-alone
movie, it’s very strong. I definitely recommend all Hangover fans to go see the movie, if nothing to stare into Cooper’s
gorgeous baby blue and to have some good laughs at Galifianaskis. Oh, and a
hilarious cameo by Melissa McCarthy will definitely have you in belly laughter.

This is the end of an era. The Hangover franchise is now over. But, we’ll always have the
memories, and always have the laughter on DVD forever.



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  1. May 23, 2013 / 4:09 PM

    Nice review Kayla. Any movie that uses the killing of animals as an escape-goat for humor has already lost me way before they can start the last act.