Fun Findings Friday #42

Beautifully Disney:
A couple months ago, Disney announced the release of its new cosmetic line, Beautifully Disney. Although I typically stick with the same makeup line, I’m interested to test out some of their products. Currently, the line includes nail polish, eye shadow, and lip gloss – each aligned with a specific character (both good and evil). You can purchase items from this collection (see photo below) at the parks and online.

Photo from TB online

Pizza Cone Kit:
The more fun kitchen accessories I find, the more crafty I want to get with cooking/baking recipes. This Pizza Cone Kit ($25) from Uncommon Goods seems like such a fun dinner project! The kit includes everything pictured below, which I think is a pretty good value considering all you’ll get out of it. Plus, as much as I love pizza, the regular boxes can get pretty boring after a while. This is a fun way to spice things up!

Photo from Uncommon Goods website

Misheard Song Lyrics of the 90s:
There’s nothing quite like jamming along to a song – and then finding out all this time you’ve been singing the words incorrectly. This Misheard Song Lyrics: 90’s Edition is absolutely hysterical – even more so being a 90s kid and growing up with these songs. Some of these 90s tunes will forever be ruined for me now (but in a good way). Love this!