Fun Findings Friday #43

Instagram Photo a Day Challenge:
As much as I love Instagram, I do go through my phases of heavily posting photos on the app to posting none at all. Last year, I tried the monthly photo a day challenge and really enjoyed it. Aside from building my Instagram photo count up, I also ended up with some pretty cool and unique pictures. So I’m bringing it back! My goal for June is to keep up with posting a photo a day. Check out the topics below and join in!

Photo from Fatmumslim website

The Fuuuu Comics:
We all love the funny comics/memes/tumblr accounts that make their way on our social media newsfeeds daily, whether we want to admit it or not. The Fuuuu Comics is a site that compiles the funniest things found on the Internet and puts all of the findings in one location (making us much lazier…but in a good way). I’ve found myself scrolling through pages and pages of this site. Hysterical.

Dexter Season 8 Trailer:
Unfortunately for all of us Dexter fans, this will be the final season we watch our favorite serial killer. If you haven’t seen this trailer which gives us a glimpse of season 8, you absolutely must! Since watching this trailer, I’m having MAJOR anxiety about what’s ahead for Dex and his sister Deb, who seems to have completely lost it after her actions in the season 7 finale. Mark your calendars for June 30 at 9 p.m. – less than a month to go!