Fun Findings Friday #45

Alarm-Sounding Beach Safe:
I’m not typically one to visit the beach, unless it’s an overcast day or the sun is setting. Otherwise, I turn into a lobster (hello sunburn). But when I do venture out, I get extremely nervous about leaving my personal belongings (i.e. phone, keys) out in the open and think someone will steal them. This Alarm-Sounding Beach Safe ($50) seems like a solid solution to that problem, as an alarm will go off if someone attempts to bust into your mini-safe.

Photo from Hammacher Schlemmer

Fresh Words Market Prints:
Although I’ve been in my new place for about 10 months now but still have a lot of empty space on my walls. I haven’t wanted to purchase just any wall art though, so I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for something that catches my attention. While doing my daily sweep of the deal sites, I stumbled across a LivingSocial deal for Fresh Words Market, a site will colorful, inspiring wall art, which I obviously couldn’t resist. Starting at $30 for an 11×14 print, the company also gives back 10% of purchase to women and children-focused initiatives around the world. Great art for a great cause, love it!

Photo from Fresh Words Market website

Orange Glad Box:
Attention all fellow subscription box lovers! There’s a brand new box on the market, Orange Glad Box,   a monthly subscription box that delivers baked goods and confections to your door for $15 + S/H ($6.95) for a total of $21.95. YUM! I’m excited to announce that the company has provided us with an exclusive coupon code – “SMALLTOWNS6” which will get you 10% off your order. Their first box ships out July 1, so if you’re interested in hopping on board, you have until the last day of June (6/30) to do so.

Photo provided by Orange Glad