Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box: June Review

After what seems like an eternity of waiting (it was just over a month in reality), I finally received my Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box. And go figure, it arrived while I was on vacation. This celeb-curated box is one of many that The Fancy offers, and if you’ve been following along with my box reviews, you’ve seen that there are quite a few, and Fancy often adds new ones! The June Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box is the first in the series. Take a look below at what items were inside!

Urban Beatz Verse Headphones
If I hadn’t already received a pair of hot pink Beats by Dre headphones for Christmas, I’d probably be much more excited about these Urban Beatz Verse Headphones ($30). Thinking these will definitely be something I either gift or donate sometime down the line.

American Apparel Beanie
If I was still living up in New York, I’d probably appreciate this American Apparel Beanie ($20) a lot more. Not only is it bright orange (you need some color in your life during winter in the Northeast), but it’s thick, something also needed to keep you warm during the winter months. Living in Florida, there’s not much need for this accessory – not to mention it’s summer. Weird that an item like this would be sent out now.

Simple Wayfarer Sunglasses by Free Clothing Co

Not a huge fan of this style of glasses fits on me, but it’s always great to have a backup pair ready to go! This pair of Free Clothing Co. sunglasses ($10) has already made its way into my car and saved my eyes on more than one occasion. They’re also a cheap pair which is great if you’re anything like me and have a tendency to find your glasses in pieces!

Bad to the Bone Bracelet
This Bad to the Bone Bracelet by Katie Dean ($25) was by far my favorite item in this box. I’m not typically a fan of gold jewelry at all but this is definitely a piece I’ll be rocking from now on.

This wasn’t one of my favorite Fancy boxes, but I do love seeing what the celebs pick out and what kind of style they have. Based on the various celeb-curated Fancy boxes I’ve received thus far, their styles differ GREATLY. But that’s not a bad thing.
Also, rumor has it that Fancy is now including return shipping labels in their boxes, allowing you to return/exchange unwanted items in your box. If this is true, it’s AMAZING, and also a little dangerous considering they might get a lot of return shipments.
The June Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box retailed out to $85, a good value for the $46.95 a Fancy Box costs (even less if you have a coupon code). As you can tell from my breakdown of the items above, I wouldn’t have purchased most of the items included. But that’s the beauty of the subscription box – you never know what you’ll get!