PopSugar Must Have Box: June Review

This was the final month of my PopSugar Must Have box subscription, as I originally signed up for a 3-month trial of the box after loving the very first one I’d received. However, I wasn’t too impressed with the two boxes that followed and was skeptical to see what would be in the June box. However, upon my unboxing, I was pleasantly surprised at the contents. It might even be my favorite one thus far (maybe tied with the March box)!

Revenge Wears Prada Book
I never read the original Devil Wears Prada book, but I did see the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was glad to find the second book in the series in this box, Revenge Wears Prada ($15). Also love that PopSugar included this in their June box, as it’s a perfect light beach read for summer.

Addicted to Sweat DVD
I must admit, I’ve been majorly slacking on my exercise routine lately. The inclusion of this Addicted to Sweat DVD ($20) was a great reminder for me and something I’m actually excited to try – and hopefully stick with. I haven’t used an at-home exercise video since they were played in the gym in middle school during P.E. so it should be interesting, but I’m down to give it a try. I’m also intrigued since the workouts in this video were created by Madonna’s personal trainer.

Juice Beauty Moisturizer & Samples 
It’s always hard to find the perfect skincare brand for yourself. I’ve stuck with the same brand for the past few years but was excited to give the Juice Beauty brand a chance after finding their Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer ($65) and a couple Correcting Concealer samples ($8). It takes a couple weeks to start seeing results with any new product, but so far I’m really liking these!

Gorjana Griffin Zuma Scarf & Gift Card
I’m not typically a scarf person (as I’ve previously mentioned), but this lightweight Gorjana Griffin Zuma Scarf  ($62) is a perfect summer accessory which just might make its way into my bag when heading out on weekend getaways. The box also included a $25 gift card to the Gorjana Griffin store, which has some pretty cute things.

Fit Popcorn
This item was a double bonus to me, as popcorn is essentially one of my food groups and Popcorn Indiana is one of my favorite popcorn brands. The Sea Salt Fit Popcorn ($5) is not only whole grain and gluten-free, but also “biggest loser approved,” which is pretty interesting. Only 37 calories per cup, this will absolutely be a product that I try to incorporate more often into my diet – especially when afternoon snack-time rolls around at work.

Quench the Thirst Mints
I really love the idea behind these Quench the Thirst Mints ($2), which are not only sugar-free, but also benefit a good cause, thanks to the masterminds at Project 7. I hadn’t previously heard of this brand but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this wintergreen mints in the future!

PopSugar Must Have boxes cost $35/mo. but the value of June’s box is amazing in comparison, at approximately $200! It’s definitely going to be hard for PopSugar to top themselves after this box, but in a way I think it’s making up for the not-so-great previous boxes.

Go figure the last box of my subscription with them was amazing. Now I’m faced with the decision of whether to renew and give them another shot, or to check out some other subscription boxes. Any thoughts from fellow subscribers?