The Bling Ring: Movie Review

The Bling Ring is about a group of privileged kids living in the Hollywood Hills, with an obsession and fascination with fame, who wind up breaking into the homes of their favorite celebrities. Directed by Sofia Coppola, the story is based on true events.

The victims of the burglaries were Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, Rachel Bilson, Megan Fox and Audrina Patridge. The kids ended up snatching over $3 million in goods at the end of their run.

What blew my mind was how easy it was for these teenage kids to sneak into the homes of millionaire celebrities. You’re telling me that Megan Fox and Orlando Bloom didn’t have alarm systems? That Paris Hilton didn’t have surveillance cameras? In some cases, back doors and car doors were unlocked. This made it extremely easy for the kids to burglarize celebrity homes for nearly a year. I can’t even put this on the movie being unrealistic. This is a true story and these events did happen. Real life teenagers did sneak into celebrity homes and raided their closets and hidden stashes of cash. I hope these celebrities (and all people of money and power) learned a lesson. Always keep your security at top notch, especially when out of town. (Duh!)

In my opinion, the kids in this movie really aren’t that bad. Sure they indulge in drugs and alcohol, but if you think teenagers aren’t doing that in real life, especially ones with Daddy’s money in the palm of their hands, you’d be kidding yourself. They are your typical rich kids but it’s totally plausible that many teens would get into this situation, had they had access like the ones in the movie.

This is not a bad movie by any means. I actually enjoyed it and found myself having a fascination in how easy and tempting it was to do what they did. And Coppola didn’t direct the film to give sympathy for these people. I respected that as a viewer. You never had that “oh, poor me” moment with the cast. It was strictly an inside look on how it was done and what the consequences were when they were finally caught.

While this story made for an interesting headline on gossip sites, as a film, it is quite repetitive and doesn’t translate as well. It’s a short movie that felt a little long. But, it does have some interest points. My call is to wait for the DVD and rent in on Redbox. Save that $12 movie ticket for one more worth the price.

The film opens nationwide tomorrow, Friday, June 21st. Stars Emma Watson, Katie Chang, Taissa Farmiga, Israel Broussard, Claire Julien and Leslie Mann.