BarkBox Review: June

I sometimes wonder if I get more excited about BarkBoxes each month than my dog. Why? Probably because I get so excited to see her reaction and anticipation once the box has been opened. This month was no exception – another successful job by BarkBox

Sheba, loving her June BarkBox

Puptato Chips
It was pretty funny to see Sheba chow down on the natural sweet potato Puptato Chips ($5) because they looked like something that us humans would eat. The creators of these chips typically make cakes for dogs, so it’s neat to see them branch out into another treat category.

The Champ Bone
“The Champ” jumbo bone ($6) won Sheba’s initial “sniff test”that happens once the box is open.. as in the item she wants the most. I know I’ve been saying for awhile that I’ve wanted more variety in bones for Sheba when I’m at work, but this bone is overwhelmingly large for a medium-size dog.

Grilled Sirloin Burgers Tail Mix
I’m actually a little surprised at how much Sheba enjoys the Grilled Sirloin Burgers Tail Mix ($6) since the healthier treats never are top picks for her (or anyone really). Grain and gluten-free, I’m really glad that Sheba enjoys these. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – my dog eats better than I do!

Bowser Beer 
The timing of the arrival of this box couldn’t have been more perfect (Friday afternoon), considering the inclusion of Bowser Beer ($3.50). Sheba was happy to join in on Friday’s happy hour with her own USDA beef beer. What a cool concept – I love it!

I can’t resist sharing these two pictures of Sheba posing with her Bowser Beer. The initial pose, and then her “drunk face” after. I love how photogenic she is, it’s too cute!

Calm K9 Nutri-Wafers
This is probably the product I was most excited to see and learn about in June’s BarkBox. Calm K-9 Nutri-Wafers ($9) are treats that give some relief to dogs who may have anxiety whether it’s due to loud noises (e.g. fireworks), travel, or are just anxious in general. I know Sheba sometimes gets anxiety when I’m not around so I’m hoping these wafers will help calm her.

This month’s BarkBox retailed out to $29.50 and I paid $18 for the box. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t any toys in this months box since usually one is included, but the contents were still great overall, as always.

If you haven’t signed up for BarkBox yet, I highly recommend that you do! Not only are the products selected always high-quality, but they last awhile (almost until the next box arrives). And in my opinion, it’s absolutely worth the extra little monthly splurge for your favorite furry friend(s).

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