Fun Findings Friday #46

Your Bijou Box:
This new box makes its debut in July and features 2-3 pieces of handmade jewelry each month for $35. Additionally, if you sign up, use code “citylights1” to receive an additional piece of jewelry (pictured below). When visiting the Your Bijou Box website, you can take a look at a few pieces of their jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I’m excited to see what type of jewelry will be featured in their initial box – so many fun pieces to add to your collection!

July Instagram Challenge:
It’s hard to believe it’s almost July already – this year is flying! In honor of the beginning of next month only being a few days away, here are the topics for July’s Instagram Photo-a-Day Challenge. Although it can be hard to keep up with (especially on days you’re busy), it’s a really fun challenge to work on. Creativity at its finest!

Inflatable Beer Pong Table:
I had to include this Inflatable Beer Pong Table ($40) in this week’s Fun Findings. After all, it is summertime! Although definitely not a necessity, I think this is something awesome to invest in if you have pool parties often. This’ll probably be a good practice table for you to use too (as it’ll drift in the water) for when the pong party moves back to land.