Mobile Worker Essentials

In today’s work world, we’re lucky to have technology to enable us to work remotely, whether it be in our homes, at a local Starbucks, in the car, or across the world. This is the era of the mobile worker. Both personally and professionally, I’m always on-the-go with the projects I’m working on and consider myself a prime example of the mobile worker. If you’re new to the “mobile worker” concept, take a minute to check out this quick intro video from Mobile Gear.

Mobile Gear, a company that helps to simplify the office supply selection process for mobile workers recently sent me a “Mobile Worker Kit” filled with their favorite products for working on-the-go. I’m a big fan of office supplies in general, but when it comes to narrowing down what to bring with me when I’m not at my desk, it usually takes quite some time.

As you can see from the picture above (the contents of my mobile worker kit), the mobile working process has truly been simplified. Later this month, I’ll be attending the BlogHer conference in Chicago and I’ll definitely be carrying most of these supplies with me! What’s considered essential? Here’s a full list of what included (I starred my top 3 product picks from the kit):

  • All-in-one pen/stylus
  • Tablet screen protector
  • Mini notepad*
  • USB carrying case
  • Post-its and Attach & Go Pocket*
  • Stackit File Organizers
  • Portable 1″ binder
  • Cleanser for Apple products (both home and travel)*
  • Mousepad with wrist rest
If you’re having trouble picking out the perfect office supplies, I highly recommend you check out Mobile Gear’s website. Not only are products already categorized (e.g. comfort, green, protect), but Mobile Gear also features some pretty great deals on products you could spend an arm and a leg on in-store. 
Are you a mobile worker? What products do you consider your must-haves when working on-the-go?