Fun Findings Friday #47

How To Swear Around the World Book:
The timing of me stumbling across this How To Swear Around the World book ($10) couldn’t have been more perfect, as I’ve been researching a potential European vacation all week. Although this book won’t be as helpful as a travel guide book, I can definitely see it providing some comical relief in the stress of vacation planning and/or learning another language. Brilliant thinking on publishing this!

Escape Monthly Box:
The newest subscription box on the market has caught my attention – so much in fact that I signed up for a box the same day I found out it existed! The Escape Monthly Box features a different vacation spot/destination each month and also gives you the chance to win a trip for two to the destination-of-the-month. How cool!! The box regularly costs $50 but if you sign up now (their first box ships in August), use the promo code “YOURESCAPE” and get 20% ($10) off.

5 Year-Old Reads Dating Advice:
Although I’m not normally one to share personal photos/pictures/videos on the blog, I have to share this one with you all. This video below shows Carmody (age 5) reading a Taylor Swift magazine.. on the “love lessons” page (more specifically the “bad boys”). This is pretty comical considering what she’s saying and how old she is. If only she knew exactly what those words meant..