BarkBox Review: July 2013

I really appreciate that BarkBox sends out their shipping notifications after the box is well on its way that way the wait time/suspension is much shorter. And as usual, I was excited to see which products would make it into Sheba’s favorite piece of monthly mail and what her reaction would be (see initial sniff test below).

I feel like BarkBox was extremely on point with this month’s box, not only with the products but with the month’s theme as well (note the red white and blue treat bag and the water dish).

Flexi Bowl
Sheba looooves car rides and laying on the dock by the water. This Flexi-bowl ($4) is the perfect addition to her on-the-go bag of treats and toys. I also love that this particular bowl was made specifically for BarkBox subscribers to use!

No Grainers Soft Chews
I was a little surprised to see puppy chews in the box since Sheba isn’t a puppy anymore, but she still loves these BBQ chicken flavored soft chews ($4.50). I’m also thankful to have received smaller treats that will fit into the treat balls/toys from this box (and previous ones) that Sheba can’t get enough of!

Max & Ruffy’s Natural Organic Treats
I haven’t previously heard of this brand, so as usual, I do my research when their products appear in the box. There are so many cool organic flavors that Max & Ruffy offers, however, the flavor included in Sheba’s box was Coconut, Molasses & Pax ($5.25) which I thought was.. interesting. Surprisingly enough, Sheba did enjoy these treats (although this was her least favorite item in July’s box).

Wigzi Pocket Bone
I really didn’t think Sheba would ever find something she loves more than her beloved strawberry treat toy that she received in May’s Barkbox – but she did. The Wigzi Pocket Bone Treat Stuffer & Chew ($8) allows you to place 2 treats in the toy as a challenge for your pup to retrieve. Sheba carries this thing around with her everywhere!

Mr. Barksmith’s Smoothies for Dogs
I’ve purchased doggie ice cream before for Sheba but smoothies are an entirely new category she ventured into with her peanut butter smoothie from Mr. Barksmith ($5). This treat was gone in a minute tops (she loves her peanut butter).

Sliders Tender Stickz
As far as treats go, the Tender Stickz ($10) were the winner of July’s BarkBox. I also like giving these size snacks to Sheba (as I’ve mentioned in previous posts), since they’re perfectly sized for her to eat while I’m out and about.

July’s BarkBox retailed out to $36.75 which is a great deal for me considering I paid $19 – well worth the 6 month commitment! BarkBox also always asks for feedback on each month’s box and thus far they’ve seemed to really pay attention to my suggestions/requests which is much appreciated.

Sheba checking out the contents of her BarkBox

Subscriptions to BarkBox start at $19/mo. (check out my previous BarkBox reviews) and a percentage of each box purchased goes toward supporting both local and national rescue groups. Great products and a great cause!

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