Fun Findings Friday #50

This iPhone case might look pretty standard and/or boring color-wise, but it’s actually an awesome creation and an addition I’d love to have to my tech collection! The Mophie ($80) is a bit on the pricey side, but I’m thinking it’d be well worth the investment, as this case actually charges your phone in the case. We’ve all had the dreaded my phone’s about to die moment. This case aims to prevent that from happening.

Photo credit: Mophie website

Coach Saffiano North/South City Tote:
Some girls are all about the shoes, but I’m ALL about the bags. More specifically, my current obsession is one of the new pre-fall releases from Coach, the Saffiano North/South City Tote ($295). I did splurge on this a couple weeks ago and am really loving it! Not only is this a more lightweight tote compared to many of Coach’s other leather bags, but it’s also VERY spacious, which is especially perfect for travel!

Photo credit: Coach website

Buzz Off Citronella Candle:
Summertime can be rough with mosquitos. And in Florida, we deal with them a lot more than we’d like to. This Citronella Buzz Off Candle ($12) from Etsy is one of my new favorite things. I hate putting on bug spray (the smell and the texture, ack!) and this candle has worked wonders as a replacement when I’m sitting out on my porch.

Photo credit: Etsy