Verbal Fancy Box: July 2013 Review

I was very excited to see a Fancy box sitting on my doorstep after skipping the box last month. Even more so because it was a new type of Fancy box for me, curated by Verbal. Who is Verbal? I’m not entirely sure but based on my Google searches he’s a Japanese rapper (I just happened to stumble across reviews of his previous boxes and loved the items he selected).

Fancy boxes cost $41.95 with shipping (without a coupon), whether you choose their traditional box or a celeb-curated one. The boxes tend to be hit or miss most of the time, but I’ve really enjoyed the majority of the ones I’ve received. To read my previous Fancy box reviews, click here.

Memphis Calf Socks:
I initially thought there were 2 pairs of socks here. Turns out there’s just one pair – but they’re pretty awesome. The Memphis Calf Socks ($12) aren’t your typical every day boring socks which is why I love them so much. I think they’ll be even greater later this year when it’s time to bust out the winter boots.

F in Exams Book:
I’d never buy a book like this on my own, but love that it was included in the box! F in Exams ($9) features “the very best totally wrong test answers” – aka things we’ve all thought while taking exams but never actually written. This is a great coffee table book that everyone will love!

Morning Mug:
This mug is perfect for drinking coffee around the house in the morning. PERFECT. Morning Mug ($6) is relatively inexpensive (so it makes a great gift for the coffee/tea lover in your life) which is great because it’s so cute. Initially black and in “sleep” mode, this mug “wakes up” as the cup fills, changing to an “awake” face.

Safe Travels Tote:
Although not a bag I’d carry around, the Safe Travels Tote ($10) is a pretty comical tote for any bold ball busters out there. I’ll need to store this one along with the offensive umbrella that came in the Pink Fancy box earlier this year.

Conceal Bookshelf:
The Conceal Bookshelf ($17) was hands down my favorite item in the box. Now the major problem is figuring out which books will make it onto my new floating bookshelf. I also love this because it’s so much different than the other ways the books in my living room are presented – in a much larger bookshelf. This little guy is to spotlight my favorites.

To my dismay, I didn’t have a coupon for the July Verbal box, so I paid $42 and the box ended up retailing at $54. Although this isn’t my favorite of the Verbal boxes I’ve seen, I do think that everything included will be put to good use, whether it’s something I keep or something I decide to gift.

I’m still holding out hope that one of the good $10 off coupons for Fancy will come back soon, but for now, you can get 10% off your Fancy Box with the coupon code “FOLLOWUP10.”

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links