Matt Hires: This World Won’t Last Forever, But Tonight We Can Pretend Album Review

Atlantic recording artist Matt Hires released his sophomore album today, titled This World Won’t Last Forever, But Tonight We Can Pretend.” Since downloading the album a week ago, I’ve been absolutely hooked and haven’t detered much from it at all.

If you’re not familiar with Matt Hires, let me catch you up to speed quickly. Most importantly, Matt’s from Tampa, which is my hometown (bonus points). The 28 year-old singer/songwriter has toured with big names such as Dave Matthews, Matchbox Twenty, O.A.R., and currently is on tour with the band Parachute. Additionally, his music has also been featured in prominent shows including Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. In other words, this guy’s a pretty big deal.

The album opens with “Forever” a song about holding onto a moment forever and letting go of  everything else around you/what comes next. This is one of my favorites to listen to on my drive into work in the morning, very mellow and relaxing.

The first single off this album, “Restless Heart,” was actually featured as iTunes Single of the Week earlier this week. I have no doubt that this will probably be a favorite for most people. Another song from the album that I think will be a big hit is “Over You”- one of my absolutely favorites on the album.

“Taking Me Higher” is a tune that tells the tale of unstable ground in a relationship but wanting to give it your all to make it work. On a similar note (but much mellower), “Signal in the Sky” and “Miles Past Midnight” are songs about mixed emotions in a relationship.

The album appropriately closes with “When I Was Young,” a song about Matt’s life growing up. The best line (which fellow Floridians will appreciate) – “that Florida heat is a bitch, but I wouldn’t trade nothin’ for it.”

All of Hires’ songs on the album are written from the heart and are extremely catchy. With a mix of 11 songs about love and heartbreak, you’ll be sure to find at least one (probably several) that you can relate  to. And although it’s hard to come by an album that you genuinely enjoy every song on, this album is that for me.

This World Won’t Last Forever, But Tonight We Can Pretend” is currently available for $7.99 on iTunes, and I honestly think it’s a steal! If you don’t want to sift through the whole album, check out my top 3 favorites/must downloads from this album:

  • “Restless Heart”
  • “Over You”
  • “Miles Past Midnight”

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*Disclosure: I received this album for review purposes