Product Review: FitBit Flex

I’m no fitness guru or fan of hardcore exercise by any means. So I was surprised myself when I registered for the BlogHer ’13 5K, last month in Chicago. An incentive for participating in the 5K was a FitBit Flex device, complements of Best Buy (the 5K sponsor). I wasn’t previously familiar with the brand (or device), but since being introduced to it a little less than a month ago, I’m obsessed.
Although the Flex comes in a variety of different colors, I ended up with this teal one (that I drew from a bowl), which I’m very happy with. Although it doesn’t always match with every outfit I wear, it’s been an accessory I’ve rocked every day since I picked my device up.

A little about the device? It tracks your daily steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, and your sleep patterns (i.e. time slept, quality of sleep). You can also set daily goals for yourself for each of these categories, whether they be what you actually want to reach or a stretch goal. Additionally, you can track your food and/or water consumption, and compare your results with friends using the device.

I really like being able to track my daily activity in both form of active-ness and rest, especially since I can scroll between dates to see when I was more active vs. less and also which nights I slept more peacefully vs. was restless. Along the time spectrum of your sleep, it shows blue and pink marks to denote whether you were restless or awake – and the times.

One of my favorite parts about the device is that it also allows you to set an alarm. No, not the typical loud obnoxious alarm, but rather a more subtle one that vibrates on your wrist via the FitBit Flex. If you’re trying to be quiet in the morning and not wake everyone up with your alarm, this is a good option for you.

To keep track of your activity, download the FitBit app and sync your device up to your phone (via Bluetooth) or sync up to a desktop computer – or both! As far as battery life is concerned, it’s pretty solid. My FitBit typically lasts about a week before needing a recharge, which only takes an hour or so to get back to 100%.

The only (minor) downfall I see in the FitBit Flex is the charging via USB (which is included). Although it’s very easy to slip in and out of the actual Flex and into the charger, it usually takes me a few tries before I’m able to detach it from the USB, which can be frustrating.

Overall, this is a great product and I’m really happy to have come across it! Although I didn’t pay for mine, I think the FitBit Flex is worth the $100 investment. If you’re unsure, there is a 45-day money back guarantee to test it out – but from my experience, you won’t be needing to follow through on that.

Posing in front of the famous Chicago “Bean” during
the BlogHer ’13 5K with Danielle, Sarah & Kayla