You’re Next: Movie Review


“You’re Next” is a new horror film hitting theaters this weekend that deals with the ever-terrifying home invasion storyline, yet taking it to an animalistic level. Literally. Quickly into the film you discover there is a group of men in animal masks invading a family’s reunion at their summer home and killing each member one-by-one.

Despite the terror that ensues, this is not your typical family reunion. In one word: Awkward. It’s obvious that many family members do not get along and has been estranged for some time. Crispian (AJ Bowen) brings his girlfriend Erin (Sharni Vinson) to meet his family, and turns out, she’s the strongest, bravest and most take-charge character of the bunch.

During a fight at the family’s first dinner together, a crossbow arrow is shot through the dining room window, killing the boyfriend of one of the sisters. That is where the torture begins. As family members die (and very few tears are shed), leave, hide and fight back, we find that there are more predators than we originally thought. Some are in the house, some are out of the house… But nowhere and no one is safe.

After excitingly seeing the previews for this film for weeks, and being a huge horror movie fan, I was sadly disappointed in this one. I found most of the moments of “terror” comical, but not as laughable as the acting. The only person who semi-saved this film was Winson, playing the no-nonsense Erin, basically holding this film on her own. This situation is all too familiar and, although I will admit there were moments of gasps and maybe a jump or two, this movie is not worth your money. Unless you want a good laugh.

“You’re Next” opens in theaters nationwide today, August 23rd.