BFF Status: Jennifer Aniston Edition

“We’re The Millers” is the number one comedy in America right now, and still increasing. In case you didn’t know, everyone loves Jennifer Aniston. And, if by strange notion you don’t, we can’t be friends.

Jennifer Aniston has been a household name for nearly two decades. It was 1994 when she graced our television screens as the lovable Rachel Green on FRIENDS, and now she’s a bonafide moviestar, spokeswoman, yoga-enthiusiast, and is the hair-envy of every woman.

This month I want to dedicate my BFF Status to Jennifer Aniston, the ultimate friend. She’s been compliemented by costars and friends calling her the sweestest, kindest and most supportive woman in Hollywood.

Men Come and Go… But Friends are Forever

We can’t even talk about how much we love Jen Aniston without mentioning her friendship with Courtney Cox. They’ve been BFF’s since FRIENDS began (Jennifer is Courtney’s daughters Godmother) and haven’t left each others side since. They’ve been through breakups, makeups, babies and career ups and downs together, but rumor has it Jen’s fiance Justin Theroux asked Courtney’s permission before proposing last year. Awww! She also is besties with one of our favorite funny ladies, Chelsea Handler. That’s a GNO we’d love to attend!

She Goes Makeupless

She recently posed for a “selfie” with longtime hairstylist and best friend Chris McMillian… And check this… MAKEUPLESS! Brave enough to post a bare-faced picture to the world and still the envy of every makeup-caked woman. True inspiration!

The Humor

We all know she’s got the comedic chops on-screen, but she also has it off-screen. She’s definitely had her ups and downs, and very publicly… But she’s always kept that sense of humor. Laughing is the best medicine, and has said if you lose your humor, life will tear you down. So true!

The Hair…

Saying that she is the envy of all is an understatement. Every woman at one time or another has take a picture of Jennifer into their hairstylist and said “I  want that!” She has the best head of  hair in Hollywood. Always the perfect shade, always the perfect cut. And we can’t forget “The Rachel.” All this writing has me heading to my hairstylist right now!