Naturebox: September Review

One of my biggest downfalls (and I’m sure most of you can relate), is snacking. And although I do snack healthily, I eat undoubtedly end up eating more junk food overall. After eyeing up Naturebox for about 6 months, I finally decided to give the healthy snack subscription box a try.

For $20 each month ($10 or less if you have a coupon code), you’ll receive a box filled with 5 full-sized healthy, nutritionist-approved snacks, perfect for storing at your desk or in your pantry. Check out the contents I received in this month’s box below.

Country Ranch Sunflower Kernels
I LOVE sunflower seeds. That said, I was pretty intrigued of the added flavor when I opened this package. I’m normally not one for Ranch other than dipping carrot sticks, but this mix actually worked really well.  
Garden Tomato Almonds
I’ve never tried an almond that wasn’t plainly salted or roasted. I did enjoy this snack, but I must say, I didn’t find the garden tomato flavor quite as good as the original. Regardless, this was probably the first snack bag to be fully eaten.
Big Island Pineapple
I was most interested in trying this snack out. I’m a big fan of dried fruit but I’d never eaten dried pineapple before this. The pieces were pretty big but I really liked it. The other cool thing about this snack is that the package contains more than it looks like it does. 
Cherry Ganache Granola
Another new snack to me was this Cherry Ganache Granola – more so the ganche part. When I tried it plain/straight from the package, I thought it was pretty tasty. However, once mixed in with my strawberry banana yogurt, I wasn’t as much of a fan. I might need to find something else to mix it with, otherwise plain it is!
Lemon Tea Biscuits
The Lemon Tea Biscuits were the first snack I tried in the box. And honestly, I’m a little surprised that they’re nutritionist-approved – they were actually really tasty! Ironically enough, these are my favorite snack to eat with iced tea. 
Whole Wheat Blueberry Figgy Bars
If you’re a fan of Fig Newtons, you’ll love these Whole Wheat Blueberry Figgy Bars. They’re not quite the same, but they are a step up health-wise and make a great mid-morning snack. These were also individually wrapped which I really liked!
Although I wasn’t completely in love with all of the snacks in this box (hey, it’s hard to compete with junk food in the beginning), I did eat them all and actively stocked my desk up with healthy snacks. And I must say, it was a pretty good feeling to do so!
Use the coupon code “FB50” to receive 50% off your first month of Naturebox, bringing it down to $10. Connect with Naturebox on FacebookTwitter, and/or Pinterest.