Essential Apps: September 2013

Recently I’ve been in a DIY mindset, ranging from recipes to crafts and home decor. This app (and website) allows users to share their favorite DIY projects, including step-by-step instructions and photos to go with. I haven’t tried any of the cool recipes or projects people have posted yet, but I’ve flagged a few that I intend to try out sometime in the near future. I might even add a few things of my own!

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I really enjoy brain teasers and love the mission of the Lumosity app – cognitive development. In today’s world, we don’t always take the time we need to disconnect from TV or other mindless activities. Each day, this app gives you new challenges to keep your memory sharp, whether you’re improving on skills you have or skills you had years ago.

A couple weeks ago, I created my bucket list of “30 things to do before 30.” Although I still have a few years to go, I figured I’d also compile more of a lifetime bucket list and expand on even more. This app is designed to help keep tabs on the goals that you wish to accomplish one day and also things that you’ve completed. You can also set a timeframe you’d like to accomplish the things on your wish list by.