Gearing Up for Howl-O-Ween

If you haven’t been able to tell already from my monthly BarkBox posts, my dog Sheba is pretty spoiled. And because she’s so photogenic, I enjoy having photo shoots with her, especially with a major holiday coming up – Halloween (in dog speak, Howl-O-Ween). I was really excited when PetSmart reached out and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their new Halloween costumes, treats, and toys. Check out the goodies Sheba received below, plus, gear your own pup(s) up for Howl-O-Ween!

The first items that caught my eye in Sheba’s Halloween package were the costumes – Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and Martha Stewart’s Alligator. So cute! Unfortunately, they were a bit too small for Sheba so I had to go into my local PetSmart to exchange it for something more fitting. Keep in mind that the costume sizes don’t go by the typical sizes (by weight), but rather by back size. So although Sheba’s considered a medium-sized dog typically, she’s a large in the costumes (the medium costumes seemed like they’d  fit a small beagle).
Upon visiting PetSmart, I saw that the selection of costumes were pretty limited since everyone’s trying to snag their favorite outfit before the size runs out. Although I really loved the Martha Stewart line of costumes, only small sizes were available. Luckily, I did find one that I knew would fit Sheba and would be perfect for her – Eeyore (my favorite character from Winnie the Pooh)!
Sheba also received two Halloween toys from Martha Stewart’s line – a rope pull toy and a small stuffed animal. She’s not typically a huge fan of rope pull toys, but she’s really loving the Frankenstein looking Frog. Not surprising though, Martha Stewart always has fabulous products in her lines!
And saving the best for last (in Sheba’s opinion), the Boo Bars ($5). These pumpkin and cinnamon treats are Sheba’s new favorite, and also perfect to pass out to any dogs that might come to your door (with some human trick-or-treaters). Filled with whole grains, fruits, and veggies, these treats are also healthy “candy” options for Halloween, which I love!
If you haven’t picked up a costume for your dog(s) yet, you only have a few weeks left to do so! Check out the full line of PetSmart Halloween costumes online and in stores. If you can’t decide which costume you like best for your furry friend, check out the Spooktacular Costume Machine, where you can virtually try on costumes (and add props). Even better, you’ll get a coupon for $2 off your costume purchase plus a BOGO on treats.  
Have you gotten your pet’s costume yet? What will he/she be dressing up as? 
*Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were sent to me by PetSmart. All opinions are my own.
  • My Husband won't let me dress my dog up…hmmpf. It's probably for the best though since he won't even keep on a sweater or tee when it is cooler outside. He shakes everything off. Ohh well.