PeachDish: October 2013 Subscription Review

Trying out new recipes can be difficult when you cook standard boring meals on a regular basis. So stumbling across PeachDish happened at the perfect time. For $20 each week (or however often you choose to subscribe), you’ll receive a recipe for a 3-course meal, plus everything you need to make the  appetizer, entree and dessert for two. Not a bad deal considering it’s often difficult to get a one-course meal for two under $20!

Each week, the recipe from PeachDish is a surprise. Although you can sneak a peek at what it is once you receive your shipping notification (yep, I’m guilty of it), you won’t typically know until the package arrives. Last week, PeachDish sent me a box for review, filled with ingredients for my favorite type of meal – steak and potatoes! Or, as named by PeachDish, “Not Your Mama’s Meat and Potatoes.” 
A look at all of the ingredients
My PeachDish subscription shipped out on Tuesday from Atlanta and made it to me in Tampa by Thursday afternoon. Since the ingredients are fresh when shipped out, it’s important to make sure you whip the dish up ASAP, to keep everything from spoiling. There aren’t any “use by” dates but I think it’d be helpful to include them! I waited until Saturday to try the meal out and cooked with my best friend, Lisa, for a girls night. 

The first course in last week’s PeachDish meal was the Pear and Arugala salad. Neither of us are big fans of arugala, so we decided to add some romaine lettuce to the mix to spruce it up a little. Instead of putting in one big salad bowl, we also decided to get fancy with our salads individually. Delicious!

The main course – steak, potatoes, and radishes came next. One of the steaks looks like it might’ve gone bad so we decided against cooking it and split one steak. I’ve never eaten radishes before but decided to give them a try with this dish and to my surprise, I really liked them. In fact, the whole second course was really good!

The final course in this recipe was dessert – Kinder chocolate. An Italian chocolate bar (or 4 in this case) filled with some kind of milky filling. Upon reading the PeachDish recipe brochure, I also learned that this chocolate comes from the same company that products Nutella! I wasn’t too fond of this candy bar though – I think it was the filling in the middle. 

Overall, I really liked the PeachDish subscription box. The company will send you recipes and ingredients for a fancy meal up to once a week, and if you’ll be out of town, too busy or just want to save a few bucks the next week, you can opt out without having to go through the sign up process all over again.

I’m excited to see what other meals come from PeachDish! One thing I do think would be helpful though would be for PeachDish to offer some kind of questionnaire to get to know the taste buds of subscribers a little better. For example, I wouldn’t eat seafood and wouldn’t want to receive a subscription for the week that includes a seafood dish. I love the surprise element but I think it’s important that it’s something I/the subscriber would eat!

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