Fun Findings Friday #60

Dammit Dolls:
When you’re having a stressful day or one where nothing’s going your way, this nifty product, the Dammit Doll ($16), is there for you. I first found these dolls at a shop at the beach but lately, they seem to be appearing everywhere, and I love it! To me, they look a bit like Voodoo dolls, but the premise behind them is pretty intriguing. Simply slam your doll, squeeze, do whatever you have to do, while repeating “dammit.” Why didn’t I think of this?!

Photo credit: Amazon

Kelly Rowland Fancy Box:
I’ve taken a break from the Fancy subscription boxes for the past few months to try out some others, but I think I’m about to start my subscription up again with their newest celeb-curated box by Kelly Rowland. For $39 (plus shipping), this box will send items picked out by the former Destiny’s Child member herself, and retail at over $80. What do you think?!

Photo credit: Fancy Website

That Awkward Moment (Red Band) Trailer:
The red band trailer for new movie, That Awkward Moment was released this week. Starring one of my favorites (Miles Teller), Zac Efron, and Michael B. Jordon, a group of best friends enjoying single life, the trailer itself is filled with exactly what the movie title says – awkward moments. Although the film doesn’t hit theaters until January, there’s already plenty of buzz surrounding it and I’m looking forward to seeing the film!