Nerd Block: October 2013 Review

I’ve had my eye on the Nerd Block subscription box since I saw reviews of the initial box which was sent out last month. Nerd Block is a monthly box that’s filled with 4-6 “nerdy” or as they call them – “epic” products for $29.49 each month ($19.99 for the box + $9.50 shipping).

The Dark Side Shirt
The Dark Side T-Shirt ($20) is pretty awesome design-wise. And I know Star Wars is a HUGE thing that people geek out over. But unfortunately, I’m not one of them. Although I won’t be getting any use out of the shirt myself, there are quite a few people I know who would love it so I’ll find a good home for it.

TMNT NYC Sewer Coaster
I could not contain my excitement when I found this TMNT NYC Sewer Coaster ($2) in my Nerd Block box. I grew up watching Ninja Turtles and ever since, they’ve been a pretty big thing I geek out over. I’ll definitely be getting some good use out of this!

Spawn Mini Trading Figure Series 1
The Spawn Mini Trading Figure Series 1 ($8) is definitely the most unique figure I’ve ever had.. or probably seen! I’m not familiar with the Spawn series but I’m pretty curious now. I’ll definitely be googling this guy sometime soon. But in the meantime, this won’t be anywhere near my bed. Talk about nightmares!

DC Universe Mystery Mini Batman Vinyl Figures
Batman is my favorite superhero so I was pretty excited to see something Batman in my box. The DC Universe Mystery Mini Batman Vinyl Figures ($9) included a mystery character from the Batman series and although I had my fingers crossed for Batman, I got this pretty creepy version of the Joker and I absolutely love it!

Adventure Time Domino Game
I feel like Adventure Time is something I should know about, and I have seen this face all over many things, but it’s not a series I know too much about. The Adventure Time Domino Game ($8) is supposedly a brain teaser game so I think I’ll pass this along to one of my sisters as a game to keep them occupied during car rides.

Iron Man Eraser
15 years ago I would’ve been all about this eraser, since I collected erasers, stickers, pens, etc. and traded them amongst my classmates. Although I’m not a collector of these things (well, all of them) anymore, the Iron Man Eraser ($2) will make a pretty solid desk decoration.

Sentry Turret
Another item I’m not too familiar with in the box is the Sentry Turret ($4). It’s a pretty cool figure but I think this will be another one that I pass along to someone who knows exactly what this is and can appreciate it more.

I paid $29.49 for October’s Nerd Block and it retailed out to just over $50. There were a lot of great “geeky” items in the box and I can definitely see this being a hit with a large number of people! Personally, I wasn’t as crazy about this month’s Nerd Block. There are probably only a few items that I’ll actually end up keeping for myself. That said, last month’s looked awesome (and more up my alley). Subscription boxes can sometimes be hit or miss.

What do you think of Nerd Block? Do you plan to subscribe for yourself or someone you know?

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