Best Halloween Movies

I came to two realizations last night. The first, that Halloween is next week (where does the time go?!) and second, that I’ve yet to watch any kind of horror or Halloween-related film this year. Definitely not ok. Here’s a list of the 5 best Halloween movies to watch this weekend!

What’s the Halloween season without the original Michael Myers film, Halloween. This 1978 film has some pretty cheesy moments when watching nowadays, but it paved the way for the future of horror movies and is a must-see!

The Shining
Jack Nicholson is one of my all-time favorite actors. And his role in The Shining? Phenomenal. You’ll also learn a very important lesson of not to stay in an abandoned hotel with your family with no ability to contact the outside world during the winter months. So good!

Hocus Pocus
Ok, this one isn’t scary, but Hocus Pocus is a classic in my book. For me, it isn’t Halloween without watching this 1993 Disney movie. Love, love, love!

The Strangers
This movie makes me never want to go anywhere near the woods again – or anywhere isolated from the masses. It’s definitely not one to watch alone but a film that should absolutely be watched during the month of October!

The Sixth Sense

This movie is one of the few that still genuinely freaks me out. I’m not quite sure what it is but maybe it has something to do with me watching it for the first time all by myself in the middle of a cabin in the woods. CREEPY. This one will never get old.