Fun Findings Friday #62

Starbucks announced a new program, Tweet-a-Coffee, which they’re currently partnered up with Twitter on. With this program you can send a coffee (a $5 credit) to a friend through a tweet. SO COOL. Simply visit the program site and log into your Starbucks account (it’s the same one you sync up with the Starbucks app) and link your Twitter account to it. Then, tweet “@tweetacoffee to @x” – “x” being the Twitter handle of the person you wish to send one to. I tried it out yesterday and it worked seamlessly. Gotta love the power of technology.

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Ring Candles:
I absolutely love candles and was excited to hear about Diamond Candles, which boasts a line of delicious sounding scents and includes a surprise ring for you at the bottom of the candle (once it burns out). I’ve been dying to order one but I can’t decide which scent to go with. I’m thinking something for Fall – or maybe even Christmas at this point!

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Emotional Baby Video:
This video of an emotional baby crying as her mom sung went viral this week and I can’t stop watching. It just melts my heart – so sweet! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below!