SodaStream Review

I’ve had my eye on the SodaStream machine for quite some time now and even more so since connecting with the company at BlogHer (a blogger conference) over the summer. Since soda/flavored water is a big deal in my household, I was so excited when SodaStream told me they were sending out a machine for me to review!

What is SodaStream? It’s a home soda maker and is extremely easy to use! There are a number of different SodaStream machines you can choose from, ranging in price from $80-$200. The machine I received is the Genesis, which retails at about $100 and includes the “starter kit,” featuring a 60-liter carbonator, a variety pack of flavors to try, and 2 one-liter reusable bottles.

Additionally, SodaStream products DO NOT contain high fructose corn syrup or aspartame. Basically the ingredients that urge you to not drink soda in the first place. So you can feel a little more at peace when sipping your drink!

Piecing the SodaStream Genesis together
It’s important to remember the correct steps when using your SodaStream: 
  • Fill your reusable bottle with water to the line
  • Screw into machine and carbonate (press button on machine 3x)
  • Add in capful of flavor
  • Enjoy!

With over 60 flavors, it’s hard to find a drink you won’t like – even if you’re not necessarily a soda drinker. The company has also partnered with brands like Country Time, Kool Aid, and Crystal Light. A pamphlet included in the box also showed a number of ways you could combine flavors to make new ones – pretty cool!

Although I’m not a heavy soda drinker, I do enjoy some along with flavored beverages (e.g. seltzer water, tea, etc.) Previously, I’d find myself at the store lugging in 2-liter bottles or cases of cans up the stairs and then lugging them back out to recycle afterward. I really like the reusable concept of the bottles, not only making it easier for me to enjoy a drink other than plain water, but it also has saved me a ton of money!

Finished product

I think the only downside to SodaStream is having so many flavors to pick from! If you’re starting to think about your Christmas shopping, I’d definitely keep this product in mind – especially if your household goes through a lot of the above-mentioned beverages.

Learn more about SodaStream by visiting their website or connecting with them via Facebook and/or Twitter.